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Link Building is undoubtedly the most mysterious and misunderstood part of SEO and where 9/10 businesses make their costly "Ranking Killing" mistakes.

Therefore it is also the greatest area of opportunity to get the edge needed to rank on top of google consistently.

The Link Report is your key to getting that edge consistently.

This training explains:
- The secrets of how link building experts consistently rank on page one of google
- How to get ranked at the lowest cost possible
- How to avoid algorithm updates suddenly killing traffic
- 3 ways to overcome the "ranking killing" mistakes almost every site trying to rank makes
- Why smart link builders never try to rank without doing one obvious thing
- The missing step that almost every SEO is blind to which is leading to inconsistent and expensive results.
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Our goal is to get you results in SEO by showing you a clear pathway to beating your competition and ultimately winning in the SERPs using Link Building.

Who was The Link Report created for?

  • SEO Agencies - Use The Link Report on your clients websites so that you know exactly what to quote them or what timelines you can estimate to them for ranking results based on the budget that they are currently providing you with.
  • ​Affiliate / E-Commerce Site Owners - Get a clearer picture on exactly what you need to do next in order to grow your website for specific keywords ranked Number 1 in Google. Build your authority on real data giving you a foundation for long term organic growth.
  • ​Business Owners - Dominate your niche by figuring out exactly what you should to do next based on real data. Stop working with shady SEO Consultants that are wasting your money on failing SEO, that isn't getting you positive ROI.
Only $199
Get Your Money Back In Free Link Credits
(Digital Report Provided)

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Only $199
 Get Your Money Back In Free Link Credits
(Digital Report Provided)

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