The edge you need to dominate page one of google
your own link-building Masterplan

What does it take to consistently rank number one on google time and time again? On-Page SEO?... Keyword research?... Link Building?

It is all part of the puzzle which makes up a solid and repeatable SEO strategy that can be used to scale businesses profitably and predictably.  

Any weakness can lead to missing page one or your websites traffic tanking at some point (if you do manage to rank at all).

The Link Report is the first and only service of its kind that offers a complete step-by-step blueprint for your business to take your SEO from stuck to scaling.

Because Link Building is undoubtedly the most mysterious and misunderstood part of SEO and where 9/10 businesses make their big "Ranking Killing" mistakes.

It is also the greatest area of opportunity to get the edge needed to rank on top of google consistently.

The Link Report lays out everything you need to know in a simple no nonsense report that is easy to understand and straightforward to implement.

How Does It Work?

Link building specialists will personally analyse and advise on exactly what link building requirements your website needs to rank.

We will detail how many and what type of links you need to bring the greatest volume of high quality traffic to yours or your clients website (at the cheapest cost and not a penny more!).

We'll even be here for you along the way to guide you on your way to ranking success with 24/7 support. Consider us your "link building partners"

Let us take the long tedious process of link analysis off your hands and give that job to someone who spends 100% of their time doing so!

So that you can focus on growing other areas of your business and stop wasting your valuable energy on a task that others can perform (and have mastered).
What exactly is included in the link report?
· An exact list of the links you need to build compared to 3 competitors. Total links, DR Levels, Tier 1 / Tier 2. everything...
· Analysis of up to 10 keywords telling you what page links you need
· A custom monthly link package so that you can complete your plan with a simple monthly subscription!

- Guidance from Link Building experts who will be here to help you implement every step of your plan
Delivery Estimate 1-2 Weeks
You'll get every penny that you spend on The Link Report back in Link Credit! It's Basically Free and we just charge for this to weed out time wasters.

Why Do You Need The Link Report?

Know Exactly How Much You Need To Spend To Rank

As we're able to tell you the exact links that you need to build, we can quote you for that plan based around our industry leading link building services. We'll provide you with multiple monthly timelines that you can subscribe to in order to complete that plan. You'll get access to our wholesale pricing too and save money on links at supplier level pricing!

Build The Exact Amount Of Links To Reach Your Business Goals

We'll analyse your existing or new websites authority against your competitors on a Tier 1 & even a Tier 2 Level while telling you exactly how many links you need to build. We'll go into detail and tell you exactly what DR level of links you should send to your site to match up your authority with your competition.

Snipe Keywords By Knowing The Exact Page Links You Need

You can choose up to 10 keywords and we will analyse each of those keyword ranking pages against two of your competitors that are currently ranking well so that you get an idea on the exact page authority that you need to build to each page too. Don't overpower any inner pages and go in with the right plan!


Get Dedicated SEO Help & Implementation From Us

You'll have a dedicated account manager available at your finger tips so that you can get the experienced link building help that you need to implement campaigns properly.

Our goal is to get you results in SEO by showing you a clear pathway to beating your competition and ultimately winning in the SERPs.


Get The Cost Of Your Link Report Back In FREE Link Credits

For the launch of this offer we are giving you 100% of the cost back in link credits. Meaning the report is basically free. We are only charging for this service to weed out time wasters. 

Your link credits can be used on 100% of our products available on and off our website. AND Since we build these links ourselves they are available at wholesale prices. This value is unmatchable by any other link vendor on the web (They simply are not able to offer wholesale prices on such high quality links!)

Who was the Link Report created for?

  • SEO Agencies - Use The Link Report on your clients websites so that you know exactly what to quote them or what timelines you can estimate to them for ranking results based on the budget that they are currently providing you with.
  • ​Affiliate / E-Commerce Site Owners - Get a clearer picture on exactly what you need to do next in order to grow your website for specific keywords ranked Number 1 in Google. Build your authority on real data giving you a foundation for long term organic growth.
  • ​Business Owners - Dominate your niche by figuring out exactly what you should to do next based on real data. Stop working with shady SEO Consultants that are wasting your money on failing SEO, that isn't getting you positive ROI.
​​& pretty much every other person that is looking to achieve long term organic results...

Order The Link Report Now

Delivery Estimate 1-2 Weeks
You'll get every penny that you spend on The Link Report back in Link Credit! It's Basically Free and we just charge for this to weed out time wasters.